• Just take the plunge – come along and enjoy!!


What does the club provide?

The club was established a number of years ago with the aim of giving gay men an opportunity to socialise with each other over dinner. Eating out allows an opportunity to meet in a friendly environment. Events are organised every month, usually on a Wednesday evening.

How many people attend each event?

There are usually twelve, or more, people at each dinner with places
being limited on a “first come first served” basis. That way you get an
opportunity to talk to most people and for Ian, who personally hosts each session, to create a friendly ambience with just the right number of people.

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How many members are there?

The club has been running for several years now and has a membership of some 230+ gay men.

Is the club for
single people or couples?

The club attracts both singles and couples alike, with approximately 90% of members currently single.

Is it a club to meet other people
socially or to meet a partner?

Why anyone chooses to come to the club is really down to the individual. Many people simply want to expand their social circle but, equally well, there are a number of relationships that have started as a result of people joining the club.

What sort of men come along?

The club attracts men who are looking for somewhere to meet other
like-minded men, to talk without having to shout over loud music, and enjoy good food and wine at the same time.

What age range does the club cover?

The age range is varied – from 20 through to over 60 with some of the best conversation from the more mature members!

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What sort of events do you provide?

Most occasions involve dinner, but the club also occasionally holds
lunches, or arranges a trip to a show or the theatre.

How much does an event cost?

Each meal is usually a three-course affair with wine and coffee.
between those dining. How much a meal costs depends on what people order.

How does it compare price-wise with other clubs?

Nobody is making any money from the Gusto meals except the restaurants.
With no costly overheads the price is obviously less than other clubs who have a markup on events as well as annual membership fees in some cases. To cover the cost of running the website we are happy to accept donations from anyone who thinks a worthwhile service is provided.

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Is there a membership fee?


Can I try the club before joining?

Of course.

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How do I book?

If you’d like to come along then emailto make your initial booking.

Can I book on the day?

Generally this is not possible as most events are usually fully booked well in advance. Occasionally, however, you may hit lucky and get a cancellation at the last minute.

Can I pay by credit card?

Generally yes, although cash is preferred as it makes for a smoother departure from the restaurant! Some restaurants will not accept credit cards.

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What is the dress code?

Usually it is smart casual.

I’m quite shy and nervous of turning up
on my own. Will I be out of place?

Most men come on their own so you will be in good company! There are usually new people at each event, so you will rarely be the only ‘new boy’ on the block. Ian, the club organiser, personally hosts almost every event and ensures that introductions are made and that everybody has a good time!

What time do I turn up?

We usually start at seven o’clock. You should turn up a little early, and the meal will begin shortly afterwards. Please try not to arrive too early as Ian will be making last-minute checks with the venue and may not therefore be available to greet you. And please try not to be late either or you will find we have had to start without you!

Who do I ask for on arrival?

You can ask for Ian Sweeney and the restaurant manager will show you over to the table. Ian will then greet you and ensure that you are introduced to other members and that you have a good time.

How long do dinners last?

Dinners can go on until the restaurant asks us to leave!! After many of the evening sessions some people head off to one of the many men’s clubs that are available in central London.


Just take the plunge – come along and enjoy!!

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