Wednesday 7th February 2018 at The Gate, Marylebone. The cuisine is Vegetarian.

The address of the restaurant is:
The nearest station is Marble Arch, and the cost of the evening was estimated at £45.
    1. Alan C.
    2. Andrew ?.
    3. Brian M.
    4. Chris S.
    5. David E.
    6. Derek C.
    7. Jeremy P.
    8. John H.
    9. Moray L.
    10. Paul R.
    11. Rodney M.


There were eleven of us in total, with one late cancellation. We drank five bottles of the house wine, although there was an initial attempt to charge us for eight. The cost came to £45 per head, right on the estimate. We had the three-course set menu at £28. the food was very tasty and everyone was positive about the quality. The restaurant was let down by the service, and obtaining the bill at the end took an inordinate length of time. Apparently, the fact that we had paid a deposit caused confusion. If so, they should not have insisted on our paying one in the first place!

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Hafez Tas

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