Palms of Goa at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd August, 2017. The cuisine is Indian (Goan).

Actual price per head: £36

Palms of Goa
12 Charlotte Street

Nearest station: Goodge Street (Northern Line).


Good company. It’s a small restaurant and it became quite loud when it was full. I especially liked the Xacuti lamb. The house red wine was dreadful.


  1. Alan Y.
  2. Ben C.
  3. Brian M.
  4. Gilles C.
  5. Ian S.
  6. Jeremy P.
  7. John H.
  8. Oscar C.
  9. Richard A.
  10. Robert J.
  11. Stuart R.
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Savoir Faire Four Lanterns

  1. I first went to Palms of Goa over two decades ago, so had a pretty good idea of what to expect! As ever, the food was fine (I had the fish thali), but the service a little more erratic than usual, even before the restuarant filled up. After a large and perhaps slightly inebriated group arrived, occupying the centre of the restaurant, the noise level rose to unbearable levels, which made communication even across the table difficult. A good evening, though.

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