Brazilian Gourmet at 7pm on Wednesday 7th June, 2017. The cuisine is Brazilian.

Actual price per head: £41

Brazilian Gourmet
70 Cleveland Street

Nearest station: Great Portland Street (Circle Line, Hammersmith & City Line, and Metropolitan Line).


We had a waitress who clearly didn’t like us. I’m not sure why she thought we would accept her dictatorial attitude. We were a party of 13 people. She asked us to squeeze in along one wall in the small back room. We were never going to fit and when we said so she was genuinely taken aback that we spoke up for ourselves. Later, when there was a mistake with the order, she insisted that somebody had ordered something that was not what he ordered. Mistakes happen, but her shouting at the customer was not the right way to handle the situation, She left the building afterwards and the other staff were fine. However, until she finds alternative employment, or gets better training, I would suggest avoiding this place.


  1. Colin I.
  2. David E.
  3. Ian S.
  4. Jack L.
  5. Jeremy P.
  6. Michael M.
  7. Morgan W.
  8. Oscar C.
  9. Richard A.
  10. Robert H.
  11. Rodney M.
  12. Stuart R.
  13. Vincent V.
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