Wildwood Kitchen at 7pm on Wednesday 4th January, 2017. The cuisine is European.

Actual price per head: £33

Wildwood Kitchen
184 Shaftesbury Avenue

Nearest station: Covent Garden (Piccadilly Line).


There were four of us, including two first-timers, numbers being reduced by Southern Railway and health issues. Service was efficient and friendly and the food was varied and tasty. House wine was £15.95, and we drank one bottle plus one additional large glass. The bill came to £33 a head, rather less than the estimate, which was considered good value for money. Piped music, although louder than one would have liked, was not as intrusive as at the December venue. Everybody seemed to enjoy the evening. We hope that the first-timers will join us again soon!


  1. Ian S.
  2. Jonathan
  3. John H.
  4. Vincent M.
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