East Street at 7pm on Wednesday 7th December, 2016. The cuisine is Pan-Asian.

Actual price per head: £36

East Street
3 Rathbone Place

Nearest station: Tottenham Court Road (Central Line and Northern Line).


The food was good, the noise from their speaker system was not. The tedious thump-thump music gave me headache and did nothing to encourage conversation. We drunk six bottles of wine and left early, some of us driven away by the noise.


  1. Brian M.
  2. Chris S.
  3. Colin I.
  4. David E.
  5. David H.
  6. Gilles C.
  7. Ian S.
  8. John H.
  9. Oscar C.
  10. Richard A.
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  1. This exceeded my early expectations. A very busy place but staff were plentiful and capable. A shorter evening as the tempo is faster there and it was harder to converse except with nearby neighbour. I had one gripe about a product description but from their reactions my comment was not the first. I would go again while in town for a lighter bite rather than a full occasion but as ever th company overrides any local shortcomings

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