Bar 61

Bar 61 at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd March, 2016. The cuisine is Spanish.

Actual price per head: £30

Bar 61
61A Streatham Hill

Nearest station: Streatham Hill (National Rail).


Nice venue, nice food (we had the tapas), and friendly service. The waiter kept asking “if there was anything else he could get us, anything at all”, to such a a degree that I thought he might be discretely offering drugs or some such! 🙂


  1. Ian S.
  2. Jeremy P.
  3. John H.
  4. Martin B.
  5. Oscar C.
  6. Patrick C.

Nid Ting

Nid Ting at 7pm on Wednesday 3rd February, 2016. The cuisine is Thai.

Actual price per head: £32

Nid Ting
533 Holloway Road

Nearest station: Archway (Northern Line).


Typical Thai but also with Chinese style items on the menu. Food was OK, and the company was entertaining.


  1. Andrew L.
  2. Colin I.
  3. Gilles C.
  4. Ian S.
  5. John H.
  6. Michael N.
  7. Nick M.
  8. Oscar C.
  9. Rodney M.

Olivelli (Bloomsbury)

Olivelli at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd December, 2015. The cuisine is Italian.

Actual price per head: £45.25

35 Store Street

Nearest station: Goodge Street (Northern Line).


This was quite a good meal although a little pricey. We drank eight bottles of wine at £17.25 each. I thought the server was excellent, although the delays between courses could have been shorter. The delay for the ice-cream was surprising.


  1. Ali H.
  2. Bill R.
  3. Brian M.
  4. Colin I.
  5. David E.
  6. Ian S.
  7. Jai P.
  8. Jeremy P.
  9. John H.
  10. Michael N.
  11. Oscar C.
  12. Paul R.
  13. Peter J.
  14. Rodney M.

Belgo (Soho)

Belgo (Soho) at 7pm on Wednesday 4th November, 2015. The cuisine is Belgian.

Actual price per head: £36

Belgo (Soho)
29 Old Compton Street

Nearest station: Leicester Square (Northern Line and Piccadilly Line).


We were seated in the “Monk’s Cave”. Service was keen. Beer was good. House white wine was not. I enjoyed the food. The staff here don’t do the full Belgo dressing up thing.


  1. Andrew L.
  2. Ben S.
  3. Ian S.
  4. Jacques R.
  5. James N.
  6. Jeremy P.
  7. Karlo H.
  8. Robert S.
  9. Rodney M.

Goode & Wright

Goode & Wright at 7pm on Wednesday 7th October, 2015. The cuisine is French.

Actual price per head: £40

Goode & Wright
271 Portobello Road

Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove (Circle Line and Hammersmith & City Line).


This was a good crowd. The restaurant had some problems so quite a few meals and some wine were ‘comped’. The staff stress levels affected me! Generally I’d say the pricing was on the high side.  The food was tasty with some interesting presentations. Portion sizes were about right. The house wines were £19 per bottle. The white was a little sharp. The red was OK.


  1. Bill R.
  2. David H.
  3. David S.
  4. Dermot B.
  5. Giorgio G.
  6. Ian S.
  7. Jeremy P.
  8. John R.
  9. Mark T.
  10. Mark ?
  11. Nick M.
  12. Oscar C.
  13. Rodney M.
  14. Rupert
  15. Quentin P.
  16. Stuart R.
  17. Vincent

Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great at 7pm on Wednesday 2nd September, 2015. The cuisine is Greek.

Actual price per head: £35

Alexander The Great
8 Plender Street

Nearest station: Mornington Crescent (Northern Line).


I highly recommend their set mezes which were varied. tasty, and plentiful. The evening went well. The consensus was that this is quite an authentic Greek restaurant. We tipped 15% although the bill asked for only 10% as we thought the service was good and the overall bill was very good value.


  1. Andrew L.
  2. Brian M.
  3. Colin I.
  4. Ian S.
  5. Jeremy P.
  6. John C.
  7. John H.
  8. Mark T.
  9. Oscar C.
  10. Pavel R.
  11. Peter J.